Comic 10 - Hello Trope
Thursday, the 15th of January, 2015 in A Dark And Stormy Night: Introduction
Hello Trope
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Author Notes:
bejjinks edit delete
Sorry. It's late and it's very rough and unfinished.

I'm not ready to do a webcomic. I'm not quitting but I need to take an extended hiatus on this story while I practice art or make enough money to hire an artist.

In the meantime, I'm going to start making some fan-art so I can practice. I will make fan-art for the following comics. Then when I get my skills down more, I'll pick up and redraw all ten of these pages and continue the story.

seabiscuit - Wastelanders Anonymous
Grace - Koala Bares
Wendy L. Martin - Kappa
Jake Richmond - Modest Medusa
SunScales - Blitz Phoenix
Bloomer - WYIHN
Matt Knab - Twilight Trust
danielthecreator - Oi! A Tale of Bardic Fury
EssayBee - Fusion
Allan Dotson - Critters
Kuri - Postcards in Braille
TheMario360 - Thomas & Zachary
RedTheMarten and Anabel - Shaking Off Sorcery
KarToon12 - Jamie Jupiter
Jackarais - Bicycle Boy
LeRenardRoux - The Wolf at Weston Court
Alicia - Silver
HapyCow - Abby Normal
Mod - The Property of Hate
XibalbanSleeper - Xibalba
DomDijon - When Taken
Clanjack Farlo - Comatose
Zor15 - The Birthmark of The Dark World
retroindiegamer5000 - The Chronicles of a Time Wanderer
RyoshiMicchi - Nachtmahrchen
Skweeee - Piper's Song
Binyamin - Arcane Technique
AAABatteries - Chroma
Lee V. - Elemental Souls
YourWalkerEx - SGNS
Lucy Licious - Oily Beauty & Electric Pain
User comments:
Seabiscuit edit delete reply
Did he really make his shirt himself? I always loved the design of it.:D

Aw, it's a shame it's going on more hiatus! I think the best way to improve comic making is by doing comics. But, I can totally understand if Terry is your baby and you want it to be just right!;D
Maybe you should do a different comic, like some small one for the sake of practice, or something?
(Ohh, I'm on the list, cool!:D)
droidsteel edit delete reply
I also think that drawing more comics is the best way to improve. That's what I'm trying to do anyway.

But whatever you think is best for you personally I guess.